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11-01-2018 DATE CHANGED

Due to recent confirmation of the Italian Political Elections on 4th March 2018, SPORT PROMOTION A.S.D. informs that the 11^ NEXIA AUDIREVI Lake Maggiore Half Marathon, originally organised on Sunday 4th March 2018, will be on 15th April 2018.

Change Data

This has been requested by the authorities who want to avoid critical issues related to the public order, so the event can not take place on the same day of the elections. We have no other option than change the date of the event, which will take place on Sunday April 15th 2018. This is indeed the first possible date by checking the availability of local facilities and the remaining racing dates on the calendar of the Italian Athletics Federation.

We are conscious of the problems caused to the already subscribed runners and so the Organisation Cometee will approve the change of date with no extra costs to the NEXIA AUDIREVI Lake Maggiore Half Mrathon on Sunday 15.04.2018 or to the 2019 edition (date TBD).

Sport PRO-MOTION A.S.D. is sure this change of date will not discourage the two thousands participants who always take part of the NEXIA AUDIREVI Lake Maggiore Half Marathon and the already five hundred already registered to this edition. As usual, the Lake Maggiore will offer fantastic emotions to who will run on the “Most panoramic course of Italy” the next 15-04-2018.






Lake Maggiore Half Marathon is an event by Sport PRO-MOTION A.S.D.
Maurizio Muller Street, 37 - 28921 Verbania Intra (VB) Italy

  • Phone: +39 0323.919.861
    Fax: +39 0323.922.761
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